About FlyAAhead

Locked Rates

You can lock in the rate you find for your flight by booking your itinerary through us.

No Credit Check

It’s simple. We do not run any credit check reports on you. We believe everyone should be able to travel no matter what your credit score looks like. There is so much world to see. You should enjoy it, too!

Travel Anywhere

There are no boundaries on where you can go. If an airline takes you there, we will book it for you. You name the place and we pay the price.

Set up Monthly Payment

By having the ability to make monthly payments, this makes traveling much more in reach. We understand flight ticket prices can seem expensive but we make it easy for you by allowing you to pay for your ticket on a payment plan. Set it up today!

COVID-19 Response

Due to COVID-19, travel rules & restrictions have drastically changed. Please be aware of all countries’ travel entry requirements and travel restrictions before booking your flight. Each destination has their own guidelines so please make certain you adhere to them. We all have a civic duty to take serious health measures to ensure we remain safe as well as keep those around us healthy and safe. While traveling may not look the same as we used to know it, the show must go on.

Here are a few things to note before locking in your next vacation:

  1. Highly consider purchasing travel insurance for your flights & lodging to ensure if an emergency or changes occur, you will not be at a total loss.
  2. Take a COVID-19 test at least 5 days before your departure date to ensure a NEGATIVE test result.
  3. Pack a health travel kit (i.e. hand sanitizer, wipes, gloves, travel disinfectant spray, mask and/or face shield).
  4. Cover your cough and sneeze in the crease of your arm.
  5. Maintain 6 feet social distancing from those NOT in your travel group

Most importantly, if you are NOT feeling well, just cancel your trip and stay home for the safety of everyone, including yourself! There’s always a next time.

Customers Review

  • Fly AAhead was amazing! The process was flawless and the team was very helpful to ensuring I received the flight itinerary I wanted. My flight was expensive but being on a payment plan made it much more reasonable. I traveled to Aruba without a hitch and had the most amazing time! Thanks so much for your excellent customer service.

    Atlanta, GA
  • I’m not usually one to leave reviews,but Fly AAhead’s service is so convenient I had to say something! They really helped me plan my air travel into my budget, at a pretty affordable rate I might add! In the past I would put money aside to purchase a flight I wanted; but sometimes when I thought I saved enough, the flight price would increase closer to the departure date. Now thanks to Fly AAhead I can secure the flight earlier, at a much lower price, and pay it off at a budget friendly pace! Thanks for providing such a great service!

    San Francisco, CA