FAQs for Fly AAHead


1. How does this work?

2.Do you run a credit check?

3. When will I receive my flight confirmation?

4. Do you charge a service fee?

5. How far in advance should I book from the date of departure?

6. Can I purchase a one-way flight?

7. Is there a minimum amount required to book?

8. How do you handle seating assignments?

9. What if there is a flight change before I pay my last installment?

10. Can I book a flight on behalf of someone else?

11. How many people can I book on one reservation?

12. Can I use my frequent flyer miles number and/or add my TSA Known Traveler’s Number?


1. Can I use a different card to pay for my installments than I used to pay the deposit?

2. Can I change my payment dates?

3. My credit card was lost or stolen. What should I do?

4. Can I make additional payments outside of my regular installment schedule?

5. I need to cancel my booking but have not completed my installments. What should I do?

6. How will I know when to make my next payment?

7. Who should I contact to receive a refund or make changes after I’ve paid my booking in full?

8. If I need to cancel my booking, is the service fee refundable?